What are pool covers?

Everyone who lives in a private house at least once thought about building a pool.  Indeed, this is a great way to relax and have a great time with friends.


Many people have made this dream a reality.  But you need to understand that the pool needs serious care.  And also, you should not forget about high-quality pool covers, which can be purchased from https://poolcovershq.com/.



Pool covers are becoming an "almost mandatory" accessory, providing more safety, cleanliness and allowing us to enjoy our pool longer.


In this article, we want to briefly describe the different types of pool covers that we can find on the market at the present time, and of course there are quite a few alternatives.


We are going to distinguish between types of coatings based on their different characteristics.


First, we must distinguish between what we usually call covers and what we might call covers (also called blankets or tarps) that cover the pool, but in a different way.


Among the types of coatings should be distinguished:


WINTER COVERS.  Its use is especially indicated in the off-season when the pool will not be used for a long period of time, preventing water pollution.  There are different color options and different thicknesses or weights, more or less opacity to protect the water from sun exposure, different types of hooks on the outside of the pool body, etc.


SUMMER COVERS.  Specially designed to maintain and even increase the water temperature throughout the season, making bathing more comfortable.  The most recognized are the so-called "bubble" coatings (also in various thicknesses), although new alternatives are emerging to achieve the same effects.  To facilitate its use, the use of rollers is usually recommended.


PROTECTIVE COVERS (PROTECTION).  These pavements could be categorized as winter pavements, although they are characterized by the presence of reinforcing structures (generally metal rods) which provide greater resistance to weight, being able to withstand the passage of an adult on the surface of the pavement, for example.

Swimming pool covers


With this pool cover, we can use the space more efficiently and achieve a sophisticated and elegant design.

Automatic swimming pool covers


They stand out for their ease of use and portability as no physical effort is required, just the press of a button will have your pool covered and perfect for your next use.

Telescopic swimming pool covers


Thanks to a more sophisticated design, telescopic covers have been developed that allow the use of the pool at any time of the year, since with a simple movement we can take the pool outside or heat it up.


Even if it's not summer, pool covers, especially in winter, are very useful.  Remember that even the best pool cover is no excuse for not maintaining your pool.



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